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Espoo Triathlonin 6.9.2015 aloittavan juoksutekniikkaryhmän harjoittelun sisältö on erinomaisen mielenkiintoinen. Ohjaaja Marcus Rickhardsson toteaa seuraavaa: ”The running sessions will be an open and friendly session delivered in English. The sessions should be beneficial for all levels of runners. The sessions will work on three of the four main elements of fitness:

  • Speed
    • Interval/’effort’ sessions.
    • Runner vs. runner sessions
    • Track sessions
  • Flexibility
    • Exercises during the warm up/cool down (& possibly during the session) to enhance running flexibility.
  • Strength
    • Hill reps
    • Step reps
    • Core exercises during the session

The sessions will not cover the final element of fitness:

  • Endurance (or stamina or CV endurance) – though advice and guidance will be given verbally to participants how to enhance this element of their running fitness – it is envisaged that participants will be able to enhance this element in their own time.

Dependent on the participating numbers the coach would like to provide video analysis and feedback to 1 or 2 runners per session. These athletes will also have their foot-running cadence measured.

Every participant will have his or her Aerobic capacity tested at the starting date and this will be monitored for improvement during the course of the programme.”

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